Things to know about St. Barts

Barths or St. Barts or St. Barthelemy, or St. Barth’s, and any other names used for describing this island is one of the most luxurious islands in the Caribbean islands known for its deluxe and grandeur, It is not a surprise that St. Bart’s is a top choice among many famous and rich tourists, including Billionaires who just love to dive into the beautiful St. Bart’s beaches or cruise the French West Indies in luxury and throw awesome parties on private yachts.

The following are some of the other things to note about ST. Barts, they include;

  • You can get into St. Bart’s by air or by water. Coming into St. Bart’s by air gives you a breath-taking, yet beautiful experience as the plan lands on a rather short landing strip just right by the edge of the endless water. To get into St. Bart’s by water, you can simply take a ferry or like celebrities do, you can cruise into the island in luxury yachts.
  • Once in St. Bart’s, you can choose to stay in a hotel or a villa, it depends on your taste. Villas are designed for individuals or groups who prefer very private environment. The villas are privately owned and solely for the renters, with staff ready to be of service in any way they can.
  • Nikki Beach restaurant and bar is where parties and fun are at their best! This is the place where elaborate and rather wild parties happen, with ladies dancing on tables in their bikinis without being bothered by watching eyes. Fun is unlimited at Nikki Beach restaurant and bar.
  • Celebrities in St. Barth’s is common and frequent and they don’t get bothered by too many fans for autographs or selfies, except by paparazzi and newsmen. Due to frequent celebrity visits in St. Bart’s, tourists get to see their favorite actors in person, partying and having fun having fun as themselves and not as the TV or movie characters they portray on screen.
  • Bart’s currency is Euro, the US Dollar is also accepted on the island.
  • St Bart’s has a population of about 8,400 and Americans often spend a long time on the island, in private villas.
  • The voltage-current on St. Bart’s is 220 volts or 60Hz. You can come to the island with a transformer and an adaptor if you wish, and you can ask what the voltage current Is.
  • St. Barth’s has the same holidays as France but has other holidays such as St. Barthelemy’s Day and Mardi Gras carnival. The Island’s running water is from desalinized sea water. So, If you are not sure of how your body would react to desalinized water, you can bring some bottles of water along or just buy some on the island.
  • There are many religions on the island, although Christianity is the most popular. Catholic, Anglican, and Pentecostals have the most population among the Christians.
  • Also, one other exciting way of getting into St Barth’s is through Luxury Caribbean cruises. However, because these Caribbean cruises only make a stopover in St. Barth’s, and depending on their schedules, you might only spend a short amount of time in St. Bart’s.